Go Freebord! from Freebord Mfg. on Vimeo.

The title says it all, get out there and go Freebord!

Edit: Matt Reyes

Music: “Woodkid-Run Boy Run”

Bently Anderson
Tyler Murgo
Justin Oliver
Matt Reyes
Daniel Vega

Bently Anderson
Caleb Casey
Mike Hoppe
Jordi Puig
Tyler Murgo
Daniel R. Clay
Corey Lucero

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Additional Footage Provided by
Sébastien Jam

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Hoy vamos a empezar con ritmo la mañana “Happy”

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3D Printing Stoick by Robert Vignone from Robert Vignone @ Polysculpture on Vimeo.

This is my music video / 3D print breakdown from my presentation at the CTN Animation Expo edited together for your viewing pleasure!

If you like this video please check out my links below and follow me on twitter for more 3D prints! Also go check out MOLD3D.com for more 3D prints by other awesome artists!


Model: DreamWorks Animation
3D Print: Robert Vignone
3D Printer: Form 1 by Formlabs
Music by: Marcus Santoro


making of - 3d scene - bee from Daniel Jankowiak on Vimeo.

making of a scene prepared in 3d. You can see the stages of work: rig, 3d model in wire, fur with global illumination and final footage.

Tangible 3D Tabletop from Kollision on Vimeo.

Tangible 3D Tabletop (2011) - is a rear projected table setup made for examining design potentials for combining tabletop interaction and front projected 3D projection onto tracked objects on the table surface.

The project is made by the Danish design office Kollision (kollision.dk) and CAVI (cavi.dk) and is funded by iKRAFT (ikraft.dk)

For more information see kollision.dk/en/3d-projection

Bee - 3d animated short from Vladimir Loginov on Vimeo.

Bee is a short animation I’ve been working on for quite some time, I’ve got an inspiration from the music of Boards of Canada. Many thanks to Studio Aiko (studio-aiko.com) team for help, support and constructive critique.

The movie was created with 3d studio max, vray and after effects.

music: Boards of Canada - Olson, boardsofcanada.com

VISUATARI - 3d Videomapping installation from Tonner Vi on Vimeo.

VISUATARI - 3d Videomapping installation
By Tonner Vi & Veoseven

Visuatari is a work using the technique of 3D videomapping, in order to contrast this latest technology with classic sound and picture to video games, giving honor to that days, where children admired such technology could not fail to see and play in front of that virtual world so unknown and so interesting as well.


Enjoy !!!